Does being positive work?

I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to get what I thought I needed, like the “right” job or promotion, a family, the perfect house, piles of money. I always seemed to be fighting an uphill battle to find, get, and keep these things. I now wonder if I was always using the “pick-up” method for getting what I wanted from the Universe. I would imagine what I wanted, did all the work, and sometimes I got what I wanted.

In some fantastic book or podcast I read/heard that the Universe delivers exactly what you need when you are ready to receive. It sounds so out there, but not entirely unbelievable, so it might be true. When I think of the best things that have happened in my life, and how they worked out, something outside my control pushed little pieces into place for me. Was I invisibly guided to them by something. Like a wave at the beach, if you swim under you just bob in the water, but let the wave carry you and you arrive at the beach.

A series of events happened in the last 24 hours that got me pretty excited about the Universe. I had been pretty down, then for some reason started feeling really positive about life. Pretty soon things started going well, my blood tests for a severe condition were all clear, a money draining investment started showing signs of life, a recruiter contacted me about a job, and an old work colleague reconnected with me. I’m sure others things had also happened that were too subtle for me to notice.

So maybe the best chance of catching the Universe’s waves is to keep a positive mind and let the waves do the pushing. In that case Universe, I’m awake, ready, and not going to fight you. What great things will you bring me?

On a side note, if you know where this Universe delivery idea comes from please let me know.

Does being positive work?

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