Can you survive the FIRE Warrior bootcamp?

When I read and engage with people about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), the focus seems to be on the Financial Independence part. Details on the Early Retirement part seems to be lacking, or heavily based on traditional retirement. The idea of half-FIRE, being financially independent and not retired, is also an interesting topic, and worth considering before an early or traditional retirement.

I was aiming for PIRE (Passive Income to Retire Early), which I guess is a type of FIRE. I learnt about FIRE after retiring, and liked the interest surrounding it. Around the same time I found others like me, who had achieved FIRE, or some version of it. I think of these people as “FIRE Warriors”, because commitment and sacrifice seem to be our common traits.

Becoming a FIRE Warrior probably isn’t for everyone. I worry many will fall into this role unintentionally, with mixed results on their finances and personal happiness. Thinking about this, and talking to others about challenges of FIRE, helped me create my “FIRE warrior bootcamp”. It’s a taste of FIRE, and the FIRE Warrior lifestyle. It’s also for warriors that have already FIRE’d, but feel something is missing.

The bootcamp is only for committed individuals, so I’ll announce details through my newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed, you’re going to miss the sneak previews and the bootcamp launch dates!

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Can you survive the FIRE Warrior bootcamp?
Get a taste of FIRE in Joe’s FIRE warrior bootcamp.

Joe retired in his mid-thirties to spend more time with his young family. He started this blog to share his story, help others plan their path to retirement, and enjoy retired life.

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