$1,000,000 payday, relief and disappointment

Yes those paydays can happen, but it’s not always a good thing. When we sold our property we were paid a chunk of money. I remember checking my bank account after settlement day and being relieved, then and a bit disappointed.

Relieved because selling this property took years of arm wrestling with the buyer and lawyers to get to settlement. Then some last minute of wrangling lawyers and agents to get settlement to go ahead.

The disappointment part, which was very minor, was seeing that $1,000,000 looks like a tiny number in a bank statement. In movies when people are transferring anything over $100,000 the number looks huge on the computer screen, or piece of paper. I wasn’t that, but also wasn’t expecting something that looked like a car repair bill. I guess what I pictured was something more like this:


I know that’s more than $1,000,000, but it’s what I always expected this milestone would feel like. Maybe I imagined there would be some sort of big celebration, with dancing and champagne corks popping. The event came and went almost unnoticed by everyone around me. The only proof that it happened was in my bank account, which showed a balance with a few more digits.

I guess I didn’t really need, or want, a novelty check delivered to my door with a TV crew. The money itself was life changing, and would help me to retire much earlier than I had planned.

$1,000,000 payday, relief and disappointment

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